🧑‍💻Using the website

Train a custom model from the dreamlook.ai point & click interface

Starting a finetuning job

Head over to https://dreamlook.ai/dreambooth and sign up if you haven't already.

You will be greeted by the simplified model creation interface:

From this interface, you can set the basic parameters used to finetune a Stable Diffusion model:

  • The number of finetuning steps

  • The instance prompt

  • The base model

  • Training images

Finetuning models is an art! You can find many resources online. Read our guide if you are new to this:

🔧pageGood SD1.5 default settings

A simple example would be training the model on someone's face, using 12 images, with the instance prompt photo of ukj person and using the standard Stable Diffusion v1.5 model:

It will cost you one token to start the job. Buy some if you don't have any left. Your first run is on us.

When everything is set up, the "Start job" button will turn blue. Click it to launch the process! 🚀

Downloading the resulting checkpoint

As soon as you start the job, you will see it appear in the "Latest jobs" list underneath:

It will take a few minutes for the model to be trained. It usually takes around 3 minutes to train 1'200 steps.

As soon as your model is ready, you will get an email, and the download link will appear on the list. The resulting file is around 2GB. You need to download it quickly: after 48 hours, it is deleted from our servers.

Generating images using the trained model

You can now use your checkpoint to generate images, just follow our guides Generate images.

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