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Finetune Stable Diffusion and Generate Images in a Blink!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I train a model on objects or styles?

Yes, you control the instance prompt, so you can train on anything you want!

You can for example use โ€œukj styleโ€ for a style or โ€œphoto of ukj objectโ€ for an object. See for example this article from Nitrosocke for more information about training on styles.

What happens to the images I upload?

They're deleted after 48h, along with the trained models. Upgrade to increase storage duration.

For privacy and security reasons, we quickly delete your data from our servers. This includes both uploaded images as well as the trained models. This also means that when creating models, you only have 48h to download them, after which we can't help you recover them.

You can extend storage duration by subscribing to one of our plans. Check out the Pricing page for full details.

How are the models trained?

We are doing Dreambooth training of both text encoder and UNet.

Our method gives equivalent results to the diffusers Dreambooth implementation. At this time, we do not use regularization images (also known as prior preservation). If you are interested in either of these options, please reach out to us.

Can I train or generate images involving nudity?

No, as per our Terms of Use, you are not allowed to train from or generate images involving nudity. Training images showing people must show adults who have given their explicit permission.

Why use dreamlook.ai?

  1. Privacy: We keep your data for a maximum of 48h by default. After that, we delete both your provided training images and the resulting model.

  2. No lock-in: After finetuning your own custom models, you can download the model and use it for whatever you want. The model belongs to you.

  3. Speed: dreamlook.ai is the fastest Dreambooth service out there. The result is still equivalent to other Dreambooth platforms: there's no cutting corners or loss of quality from our training process.

  4. Ease-of-use: You don't have to be a developer to use dreamlook.ai! But if you are, you will still love this tool. We are striving to maximize developer happiness.

You get all of this at competitive pricing. Train your first model for free, then pay as you go.

How do I reach out?

You are always welcome to join our Discord. Otherwise, feel free to reach out to info@dreamlook.ai.

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