State-of-the-art image generation using your custom models

dreamlook.ai lets you finetune Stable Diffusion models in minutes (first SD1.5 run is free!) Follow this guide to use custom models trained on dreamlook.ai in AUTOMATIC1111.

AUTOMATIC1111 is one of the most advanced tool to create images with Stable Diffusion:

🔗 https://github.com/AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui

Step 1: Train your custom model on dreamlook.ai

Head to https://dreamlook.ai/dreambooth, and enable "Expert mode" to expose all the training options.

Select the checkpoint format "CompVis (AUTOMATIC1111-compatible)":

You can choose other options freely such as the number of images, the number of training steps, the base model etc. Click on "Start job" when you're ready to train.

After the training finishes, find the CLI command to download the model on the model page. You will need it later to download the model to your AUTOMATIC1111 instance:

Step 2: Start an AUTOMATIC1111 instance

There are multiple ways to run AUTOMATIC1111, and the precise steps will depend on what you use.

In this guide, we will run it on Google Colab, using the excellent notebook from TheLastBen:

🔗 https://colab.research.google.com/github/TheLastBen/fast-stable-diffusion/blob/main/fast_stable_diffusion_AUTOMATIC1111.ipynb

  • Simply open this Colab notebook, and run all the cells:

  • After a while, you will see a public URL displayed:

  • Open that URL to reveal the AUTOMATIC1111 web ui!

Step 3: Add your custom model to AUTOMATIC1111

  • Now that everything is setup, let's interrupt the web ui so we can download the checkpoint:

  • Use the URL to your model from dreamlook.ai (see Step 1), then create a new cell in the notebook and download the checkpoint to the AUTOMATIC1111 model folder:

!wget --output "/content/gdrive/MyDrive/sd/stable-diffusion-webui/models/Stable-diffusion/custom_model.safetensors" "<model_url>" 
  • You can now restart the web ui by running the previous cell. You will now be able to select your custom model in the "Stable Diffusion checkpoint" dropdown:

It should be straightforward to adapt these steps if you use another AUTOMATIC1111 notebook or run it on another platform. If you have any issue, just ask on the dreamlook.ai Discord server!

Step 4: Generate images!

You can now use the full power of the AUTOMATIC1111 web ui to create images 🤩🖼️

AUTOMATIC1111 is a powerful tool with a large array of options. There are many great tutorials to get started on YouTube - we particularly recommend content from Aitrepreneur.

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