Super simple image generation on Mac using your custom models

dreamlook.ai lets you finetune Stable Diffusion models in minutes (first SD1.5 run is free!) Follow this guide to train models on dreamlook.ai that you can use in DiffusionBee.

DiffusionBee is a free and open-source Mac application that allows you to generate images on your computer:

🔗 https://diffusionbee.com

The custom models you train on dreamlook.ai can easily be used in DiffusionBee, allowing you to create any kind of images of yourself, your pets or anything else you want!

Step 1: Train your custom model

  1. Head to https://dreamlook.ai/dreambooth and enable "Expert mode"

  2. Select the following parameters:

  • "Checkpoint format" must be "CompVis (AUTOMATIC1111-compatible)"

  • "Use safetensors" must be disabled

You MUST set these two parameters as indicated, or you won't be able to load your model in DiffusionBee!

You can choose the other options freely such as the number of images, the number of training steps, the base model etc.

Step 2: Add your custom model to DiffusionBee

After your model is trained, download it to your Mac:

Then add it as a custom model in DiffusionBee:

  • Open DiffusionBee settings:

  • In the Settings, under Custom Models, click on "Add New Model" and select the checkpoint you downloaded:

  • It will now be available as an option in the "Text To Image" tab under "Custom Model":

Step 3: Generate images!

You can now generate images using your custom model. This will work with both "Text To Image" and "Image To Image" 🎨🧑‍🎨

Check out DiffusionBee's help pages if you need more need guidance about how to use it.

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